September 10, 2007

Riddle Me This, Part Five in a Series

This was WAY overdue.
L/N 23:
Q: 35 00 N, 105 00 E 90 Degrees
A: China Eastern

L/N 24:
Q: "You want me to chuck a crustacean onto a plastic doll?!"

L/N 25:
Q: Perhaps the most notoriously bureaucratic airline in the world, let alone the subcontinent.
A: Air India

L/N 26:
Q: Please refrain from yelling "Free Eritrea!" at the crew.
A: Ethiopian Airlines

L/N 27:
Q: When I go to bed at night, I like to sleep under a nice down comforter.
A: QANTAS or Jetstar

So that's LN 1 to 27. Lots of 787s, lots of airlines.

Look for my first update about the 747-8 later this week. Flightblogger is branching out.


Anonymous said...

Please refrain from yelling "Free Eritrea!" at the crew.

Very funny :)


Anonymous said...

Are you going to follow up the development of the 747-8?
That's great news for me,
What about the A350XWB? It's a promising jet more than new super jumbo

Andy said...

Please provide more info on the 787 work. Perhaps try to answer the question of how they intend to go from first-power to first-flight in such a short period of time. It is unfortunate this was not covered on the call.

Anonymous said...

And how about detailing how Boeing will complete its extreme cold weather certification in time for entry into service in May of 2008 with All Nippon Airways?

Anonymous said...

New Riddle:

What do you get when you build an airplane without configuration control documentation?

A museum piece.

Anonymous said...

"What do you get when you build an airplane without configuration control documentation?"

Don't spread rumors that the 787 does not have config control. You obviously don't understand the situation or the system enough to comment.

Anonymous said...

Looking for 747-8 commentary... (Friday afternoon here in Australia!)

Hope you can keep up the quality of the site as you expand your reach...

And if you were to do an Airbus A/C I'm sure you'd get mired in politics long before you could comment on a real A/C!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the 747-8 updates! They aren't far from production actually!