September 5, 2007

Conference Call Coverage - 10:15 AM

Flight Control System

To be delivered later this month. Working with Honeywell and adding resources to ensure that all challenges are met.

Accomplishments and Weight Status:

Static rig will move to 40-23 late this month.
Trent 1000s certified August 8, GENx coming alone nicely.
Some partners have already started work on airplane 10.
RTO brake tests goals met.

Weight production plans. LN7 will be on the scales at target weight next year.

Now open to questions.


Anonymous said...

break s/b brake

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Jon's spelling is more than acceptable for these almost-live blog posts. Grow up and give him a "brake".....

Anonymous said...

RTO break = Rejected take off brake

This is the maximum load on the brake.