September 5, 2007

Conference Call Coverage - 10:19 AM


Flight test sequence for program?

"Unchanged, this delay is eating into the buffer that was built in to the program."

Higher speed flight. 24/7 Flight test program to be expected.

What extent did the roll out add to current challenges?

"Roll out NOT a factor. We didn't have a handle on it until it showed up in the factory."


Anonymous said...

That shows that a plane or two ought to be passed through the process to hone it. And, it ought to be scheduled.

Anonymous said...

The buffer may be nil. They may have to drop some test (???) to meet the date.

Anonymous said...

Later question but related stuff.

The metaphor for the test flight period was running an airline. They expect to be flying 24/7 while logging literally hundreds of flight hours.

Besides, the intent is that the RR engined planes will do the major of the proving. The GE planes would then have a smaller focus.

So, the flight period is looking to have no visit by Murphy (or any of his kin) while having a highly optimistic attitude (almost magical) that no surprises will turn up.

So, we need to define a new pool for Mike to think about:
likelihood, severity, type.