September 5, 2007

Conference Call Coverage - 10:50 AM

Dominic Gates: Have you located everything you've needed to locate on Dreamliner One? What about damage when removing the parts?

"Not indicative of follow on aircraft. No worries about how follow on aircraft will be. Partners are focused. Under size fasteners used as to not damage structure."


"1-3 month delay would have little impact on contracts."


Anonymous said...

That is not what CArson said. he said that delivedry delays of 1-3 months in o8 would not signficantly hurt Boeing financially. He was answering a key question, which is given the fact that the 787's composite construction and construction system is entirely new, did Boeing give itself room in its contracts for intital deliveries to be late without its haing to pay penalties. Apprarently it did, for 1-3 months, for deliveries in 08. J3

Anonymous said...

What jon has is correct enough. We could ask for a recording.

Carson said that Boeing does not talk about individual contract specifics, but he could mention that the effect of 1-3 months was expected to be minimal (suggesting, perhaps, that there were provisions for minor delays or that it would be very insignificant to Boeing - he did not clarify that remark).

Additionally, he pointed out that the R&D cost effect of a slight delay has already been reported.

So 1-3 months won't hurt Boeing. What are the chances for a longer delay? Mike said that the testing buffer is essentially nil so that any surprise would hurt.

It might be interesting to get a listing of possible failures. Who would have thought of the fastener problem (I think that's noise, as the suppliers were not anywhere near ready to ship stuffed - when will they be?).