September 5, 2007

Conference Call Coverage - 10:27 AM

How do you intend to keep your credibility? (first A380 comparison)

"Tell the world exactly what's going on with the program. You won't know what you have to deal with until you have to deal with it. We'll get this airplane in the air, and we'll get to flight test."

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Anonymous said...

Interesting comment. Open? Transparent? I've heard a lot of questions (I've only paid attention for the past few weeks) that indicate other than transparency. Of course, Boeing might just argue that we want to know too much.

Listen folks (imagined report on 7/8/7), this is only a shell that you're looking at. Don't even think about boarding yet. Our suppliers couldn't work the schedule that we imposed on them, so we slacked off and said just ship what you have. They really loved that. We hope that they'll stuff their stuff by the end of the summer. So, don't dampen your enthusiasm. This is a great potential plane, well beyond just wishes.