June 14, 2007

Simple Characters, Complex Character, Part II

The dealer has yet to tell me all bets on the table are frozen. What registration will ZA001 wear? I'm moving my money from N787BA to N787DL for VERY good reasons. DL, delta lima, also just happens to be Dreamliner.

Dennis Taylor is a 29 year employee of the Boeing Company. The address in Snohomish county just happens to be directly south of Paine Field and the Boeing Factory. It was also reserved just two days ago.

Reserved N-Number
Type Reservation Fee Paid
Mode S Code 52525335
Reserved Date 06/12/2007
Renewal Date None
Purge Date 07/12/2008
Pending Number Change None
Date Change Authorized None
Reserving Party Name TAYLOR DENNIS
Street 20521 CYPRESS WAY
Zip Code 98036-7916


Anonymous said...

It could always be for ZA002...

Yasobara said...

N787EX is also taken by Boeing.
EX for experimental.

Anonymous said...

Just to throw some wood to the fire and deepen the mystery. Most of Delta Airlines registrations end in either DL or DA. Maybe Delta will be announcing a BIG order?

Anonymous said...

On the one hand it seems a bit of a silly way to do it. OTOH, I remember back in 1992(? - the mind grows dim) when I was working at a (then) Fortune 100 company a junior engineer went ahead and registered a bunch of these "domain name" things using his personal credit card. Caused a bit of a stir 2-3 years later when upper management finally caught up to this "Internet" business and demanded to know where their names were. Big black eye for Marketing!