June 18, 2007

Paris PR Offensive

Rule #1 of strategic communication:
Create your own narrative.

The Day Before Paris

Boeing aims at late August or September for 787's first flight
Tinseth says that 787-8 number one "will fly when it's ready to fly", and has about the scope of about a month to get airborne without disrupting the flight-test schedule.
Posted June 17

First Day of Paris

Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Goodrich to Make Aviation History

As the history-making Boeing 787 Dreamliner prepares to be unveiled in Everett, Wash., Goodrich Corporation is once again poised to play a role in the history of the industry. According to Goodrich's Jack Carmola, Segment President, Actuation and Landing Systems, "Across the Goodrich enterprise we have a true sense of pride and accomplishment for the contributions we've made to the Dreamliner. We're truly fortunate to be part of the industry at such an exciting time.
Posted 3:00am

Hamilton Sundstrand Nearing Completion of Delivery of Systems for Boeing 787 Dreamliner

"The Boeing 787 is absolutely vital to the future of our company and we are totally committed to supporting Boeing's flight test program," said Hamilton Sundstrand President, David P. Hess. "We have already delivered more than 97 percent of our hardware and nearing completion of all our delivery requirements."
Posted 3:00am

GE Aviation’s System Deliveries Nearing Completion to Support 787’s First Flight
GE Aviation recently announced several delivery milestones for its Tier 1 support of the Common Core System, High Lift Actuation and Landing Gear System on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The work, which is expected to generate more than $3 billion over the life of the program, is scheduled to support the 787 first flight scheduled for third quarter 2007.
Posted 3:00am

Japan's Kawasaki Heavy considering new plant to meet Boeing 787 demand
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd said it is in talks with Boeing Co to build a new parts plant in response to brisk demand for the aerospace giant's next-generation 787 Dreamliner.
Posted 3:19am

And then this...

JP Morgan says Boeing 787 up to 4 months late
"We believe that the 'power on' to the aircraft was scheduled for April 21, but is now scheduled for August 15, and even that date is considered a bit of a stretch by some suppliers," said JP Morgan analyst Joseph Nadol in a research note, citing unnamed suppliers on the 787 program.
Posted 8:38am


Anonymous said...

How can there be "power on" in April when the plane wasn't even schedualed to be assembled until June ? This makes no sense and should not have been published.

Mr. Boing said...

sounds like someone at JP Morgan was taken to the intel cleaners or swallowed to much RUMINT over a few pints.