June 28, 2007

A Busy 747

While all eyes were on Dreamliner One heading to the paint shop yesterday, LCF2 was busy working overtime.

N780BA, Large Cargo Freighter 2, returned to Charleston Tuesday from Italy (after a fuel stop in Scotland) with Section 44 and 46 in tow for the second flying test frame ZA002. After arriving in Charleston just before 5pm EDT on June 26, LCF2 turned around two hours later and departed on its way to Everett.

LCF2 arrived in Everett around 9:30 PDT June 26. The full scale static test rig will be assembled and put through its paces in Building 40-23, two bays down from the location of the 787 assembly line.

The modified 747 turned around and departed from Everett (this morning) at around 4am on June 27 for Japan. LCF2 should return to the Pacific Northwest by Thursday.

Boeing 632 Flight Plan
Everett (KPAE) to Nagoya (RJGG)

TOU TR13 SPONJ ORNAI 5200N 14000W 5400N 15000W 5500N 16000W CDB A342 OLCOT R580 OATIS OTR3 GOC W18 SWING

Update: LCF2 returned to Everett without the center fuselage for ZY9997 as previously reported. The center fuselage for the static test rig continues to be assembled in Charleston. On its way back from Japan, the 747 stopped in Everett for fuel and continued on to Charleston with Section 43 and 11/45 for ZA002 aboard, not the wings as previously thought.

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