June 24, 2007

787 Tails, Update 2

I've updated the 787 tails to include three new airlines: Royal Jordanian, S7 and Arik Air. In addition, I've added updated liveries for three airlines: Jet Airways, Hainan Airlines and Air India.

Airlines not currently included (but will be added):

Thompson Fly


all said...


I'm a Southwest Airlines pilot and my understanding is that Boeing will make a custom B-737/787 aircraft for us - making a small version of the 787(i.e. under 150 seats). Do you have info on the subject?


Anonymous said...

Why would you add Primaris? That order was canceled wasn't it?

Ureshs said...

I would take out Hong King Air as well.

Yasobara said...

all, the Southwest pilot,
you must be talking about 737 replacement. Boeing's position is that engine must come first. If there will be a suitable engine(s) with significant fuel efficiency improvement, Boeing will start developing 737 replacement. Of course Boeing will incorpoarate any 787 feature that is deemed beneficial for the airplane.

Anonymous said...

you are missing the one that Boeing will use for static testing i.e. break the wings in the test jig. (I plan to be there no pics though I like my job.) so one of the line numbers is wrong as has as which line number the customer gets. Maybe you could talk Boeing into selling you the broken one for cheap lol...

Anonymous said...

Remove First Choice and just put up the TUI tail. First Choice and Thomsonfly are merging to form 'Thomson Airways', still a part of TUI.

Anonymous said...

First choice is staying with the same livery. Oh, British Airways have purchased some of the 787's