August 22, 2007

Tweaking The Schedule

The relocation of the Static Air Frame to Building 40-23, which was tentatively scheduled for the night of August 23rd, has been pushed back to the night of September 11th. This will undoubtedly be an extraordinary opportunity for spotters to see two 787s at once.

In addition, Flightblogger has learned that Dreamliner Two final assembly is now scheduled to begin October 9th. Assembly was initially set to begin after the arrival of major structural parts to Everett on August 18th, however Boeing has reworked its delivery schedule with its sub-assembly partners.


Anonymous said...


Are you referring to the static test airframe? The static test rig is a large blue truss frame firmly bolted to the factory floor... the airframe goes into the rig for the test.

Keep up the good work, and cheers

Stitch said...

So I take it that all the stuff around LN0001 is what is making it difficult for Boeing to move the static rigs over to 40-23?

Anonymous said...

All the stuff isn't the problem... you can't fit two 787's side by side in the 40-26 building... therefor you must remove ln1 to pass ln9997.

Anonymous said...

Where is a good vantage point to view this? Is it permitted to stand along side the road? (park elsewhere, and walk it)

Anonymous said...

It is not permitted to stand along side of the road WA-526. It is a freeway. It is illegal to stop unless you are in an emergency. I recommend Chaz Conklin point (Sicma Aero Seat Services Parking lot, 2525 W Casino Rd # 7AB, Everett, WA) Coordinate N 47° 55.309’ W 122° 16.055’.

You would have to stay up late because airplane move usually occurs between 11 pm and 2 am.

Anonymous said...

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