August 7, 2007

LCF Flight Numbers Explained

I had previously posted on the relative regularity of the LCF flights from here on out as they are operated by Everegreen. The flight numbers are fixed and will be consistent. However, not in the way I previously thought. In fact, there is a specific logic and formula to each flight number. Within each flight number lies a great deal of information about the flight. The formula is as follows:

- Snohomish County / Paine Field, Everett, WA
TAR - M.A. Grottag Airport, Grottaglie, Italy
IAB - McConnell AFB, Wichita, KS
CHS- Charleston AFB/International Airport, Charleston, SC
NGO - Chūbu Centrair International Airport, Nagoya, Japan

There are many different combinations.
Here are some examples:


Eastbound Flight
Delivery of section 45/11, 43


Westbound Flight
Delivery of section 44/46

Westbound Flight
Delivery of horizontal stabilizer


Eastbound Flight
Delivery of wings


Yasobara said...

TAR-PIK-PAE flight (westbound) would be EIA5121, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Make it known that there is no flight direct from NGO - PAE. There is always a fuel stop at ANC carrying wings back to Everett.

NGO - ANC - PAE: EIA5180

Anonymous said...

Here is the breakdown.

PAE - NGO (picking up wings): EIA5109
NGO - ANC - PAE (delivering wings): EIA5180

PAE - NGO (picking up Section 43 & 11/45): EIA5109
NGO - PAE - CHS (delivery of Section 43 & 11/45): EIA5186
CHS - TAR (picking up Section 44 & 46): EIA5162
TAR - PIK - CHS (delivering 44 & 46): EIA5127
PAE - IAB (picking up Section 41): EIA5104
IAB - CHS (picking up Section 47/48): EIA5146
CHS - PAE (delivering 41 & 47/48): EIA5161
CHS - PAE (delivering 43/44/11/45/46): EIA5161
IAB - PAE (delivery of 41 alone): EIA5141

Horizontal Tail: (multiple options)
PAE - TAR (picking up HTP): EIA5102
CHS - TAR (picking up HTP): EIA5162
TAR - PIK - PAE (delivery of HTP): EIA5121

Jason - F2F said...

It's been wonderful watching the Dreamlifter flying so often this last week. Sure makes work more enjoyable for me!