August 13, 2007

Riddle Me This, Part Four in a Series

A final go 'round...L/N 19:
Q: If John Madden's friend would rearrange the letters in the name of his store, he'd have the initials of this airline.
A: China Eastern Airlines

L/N 20:
Q: Finally, a level playing field to compete with their arch-rival!
A: Japan Airlines

L/N 21:

Q: Some people might misspell this airline's name, but I bet you wouldn't.

L/N 22:
Q: Mall record stores wouldn't sell the album as originally titled, so the spelling was reversed to a more acceptable efil4zaggin for them.

he final five...

L/N 23:
35 00 N, 105 00 E 90 Degrees

L/N 24:
"You want me to chuck a crustacean onto a plastic doll?!"

L/N 25:
Perhaps the most notoriously bureaucratic airline in the world, let alone the subcontinent.

L/N 26:
Please refrain from yelling "Free Eritrea!" at the crew.

L/N 27:
When I go to bed at night, I like to sleep under a nice down comforter.


Anonymous said...

L/N 21 won't be Qantas, it will be JetStar - JetStar are getting the first 15 frames (I think thats the number) of the Qantas order.

L/N 23: China Eastern (35°00'N, 105°00'E lies in China, and 90° is the heading for East)

L/N 24: JetStar (Chuck a shrimp on the barbie is whats being referred to, though any self respecting Aussie will tell you we eat prawns, not shrimp, oh and we drink the best beer, that's why we export that s***)

L/N 25: Air India (goes without saying really)

L/N 26: Ethiopian Airlines (again fairly obvious)

Anonymous said...

Correct about Jetstar....but who in Australia actually cooks prawns on the BBQ?? No-one I know....we stick to sausages and steak etc haha. Spot on about the beer too.

Anonymous said...

My guesses:

LN 23 -- China Eastern
LN 24 -- Qantas
LN 25 -- Air India
LN 26 -- Ethiopian Airlines
LN 27 -- Icelandair

Thanks for doing the riddles, flightblogger! I had a lot of fun.