July 28, 2007

Riddle Me This, Part Two in a Series

This is overdue:

L/N 9:
Q: 011401

L/N 10:
Q: 19th star in the Constellation
A: Shanghai

L/N 11:
Q: Take away the first word in this airline's name, and you will be left with the name of another airline that rose, and fell, and rose, and fell again.
A: China Eastern

L/N 12:
Q: This is what you would say when greeting the Chairman of the Board's daughter, using the shortened form of her first name.
A: Hainan Airlines

L/N 13:
Q: Add this one's line number to that of its older sister, reverse it, and you have the only uniform number ever retired by Major League Baseball.
A: China Eastern

And now the next round...
Some of these are a bit harder.

L/N 14:
You could remove a word from this airline's name, and be left with the the name of another airline. I don't think their respective crews would get along, though.

L/N 15:
Multiply this one's line number with that of its older sister, and you get the numerical part of the model designation of the airplane whose nose some say resembles the 787's.

L/N 16:
Jinju and Narrabri might not be at the top of your list of future destinations. But combine their codes, rearrange the letters, and you have it!

L/N 17:

L/N 18:
There was a band that was known for wearing giant stove pipe hats on stage at their shows, in the style of Abe Lincoln, after whom they named one of their albums. On that album, they sang a song about a lady with a Vietnamese last name.


Anonymous said...

14: China Southern Airlines. Remove a word and it is China Airlines, from the Republic of China (China Southern is from the People's Republic of China. Could also be China Eastern, but given they have already got two previous frames, and the Chinese airlines all seem to be getting a few, I think China Southern is the go.

15: China Southern Airlines. The nose of the 787 looks somewhat like the Caravelle - the SE-210. 210/15=14.

16: Hainan Airlines. Jinju: HIN Narrabri: NAA

17: ?

18: ?

Anonymous said...

My guesses:

LN 14 -- China Southern Airlines
LN 15 -- China Southern Airlines
LN 16 -- Hainan Airlines
LN 17 -- Air China
LN 18 -- Hainan Airlines

Anonymous said...

#18 is ANA, track number 1 on the album 'Lincoln' by 'They Might Br Giants' is called 'Ana Ng'.

John said...

LN15 is China Eastern. 15 times 13 is 195...the Embraer 195 is considered to have a nose similar to the Dreamliner.