July 7, 2007

Parade of Sevens

Post time is EDT. -3 hours for PDT.

Editors Note 1: This is the first post from Seattle.
Editors Note 2: This information was not purchased and was provided at the courtesy of a source.

Last night as I was taxiing to the gate at SEA after my cross country flight, my phone rings and on the other line comes the complete schedule for tonight's events at PAE and BFI.

The rumors are true, the parade of Seven series aircraft will take place tonight, July 7, 2007 (7/7/07). Boeing will leave PAE tonight with eight aircraft (707 through 777) beginning at 1835 PDT.

Saturday, July 7, 2007
All times in PDT
1000 LCF2 Returns to PAE (Wings for Static Frame believed to be aboard)
1300 LCF2 Leaves PAE for BFI
1320 LCF2 Arrives at BFI
1400 FedEx 727-200 (tail N464FE) positions at PAE
1400 Delta 767-300 (tail TBD) arrives at PAE
1415 Alaska 737 (tail TBD) arrives at PAE
1500 AirTran 717 (tail TBD) arrives at PAE
1530 Continental 757 (tail TBD) arrives at PAE
1600 Crew meeting for all involved pilots
1700 Group photo for all aircraft
1820 Crews are in place with all aircraft
1830 Museum of Flight Reception begins at BFI
1835 707 taxis, 717 through 777 taxi behind and depart PAE
1900 NOTAM for BFI released - South Field Shut Down
1902 Welcome Remarks at BFI Reception

1907 Omega Air 707 (tail N707MQ) Operating as Omega 1 - Touchdown at BFI
1917 Air Tran 717 Operating at B717B - Touchdown at BFI
1927 FedEx 727 - Touchdown at BFI
1937 Alaska 737 - Touchdown at BFI
1947 Rolls Royce 747-200 (tail N787RR) Operating as N787RR - Touchdown at BFI
1957 Continental 757 - Touchdown at BFI
2007 Delta 767 Operating as DAL9900 - Touchdown at BFI
2017 Air France 777-300ER (tail F-GSQY) Operating as BOE536 - Touchdown at BFI

2038 Rolls Royce 747 taxis at BFI on three engines
2045 707 + 717 towed to Museum of Flight
- 707 and LCF2 will spend the night at BFI
2200 Rolls Royce 747 heads to BFI

All eyes on the sky. Mine certainly will.


Yasobara said...

Thank you for the information.
I will be at Boeing Field 7:07 pm on 7/7/07.

Ethan said...

I don't know that area very well, does anyone have a suggestion of a good place to set up camp to watch the 'show'?

Anonymous said...

I'll be parked at the Future of Flight parking lot at Paine Field, myself. I'll catch them as they take off.

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

The Continental B757-224ER/Winglets will be N13110 for those wondering...

Anonymous said...

I'll have a few people at the mounds at PAE to catch this historic event unfold.

No word on the CO 757 or the 707 yet... no flight plans.

Gelato said...

Can anyone post a google or mapquest link to Future of Flight parking lot at Paine Field?

Also, are there any special clearance or passes required?

Anonymous said...

That's it? A parade of sevens? Go to LAX and see this every day.

BFI has seen two Concorde visits (one permenant), the Dash 80, Stratoliner, hundreds of warbirds, an F-22 and various military jets including the Blue Angels.

I was hoping for something more to be quite honest. If it's an echelon flyby, then I'll stand corrected. But if it's just fly in of each type...

... snooze.

I'll stay home and then watch the rollout on DirecTV.

Ethan said...

Found this great guide for plane spotting at Boeing Field:


Anonymous said...

you cannot see all of these planes parked together and take off in order at LAX, jack ass.

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