July 21, 2007

787 Goes IMAX


Production begins on 787 IMAX film

Earlier this month, director Stephen Low and an IMAX crew began filming the Boeing 787 Dreamliner for an upcoming IMAX 3-D movie titled "Legends of the Sky." Set in the context of aviation history, the film will highlight legendary 20th century airplanes in addition to the
manufacturing, testing and first flight of the 787. Initial filming focused on the 787 Premiere, as well as 787 partner facilities in Frederickson, Wash. Additional filming of the 787 will continue this fall. The film is scheduled for release in early- to mid-2008.

Approximately 25 IMAX crew members filmed the arrival of a Dreamlifter ferrying a 787 integrated midbody fuselage in Everett, Wash., earlier this month. The crew used the IMAX 3-D Solido camera mounted on the crane, to capture the airplane's arrival. Weighing approximately 225 pounds (102 kilograms), the camera is one of the largest in the world and captures spectacular 3-D imagery. IMAX movies feature surround sound and images up to eight stories high.

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