March 31, 2007

Flight Plans: 1st Edition

Along with occasional commentary on aviation matters, this page will feature flight plans of interesting scheduled airline flights. Today's flight, one I've taken several dozen times, is a jetBlue Airways flight from BOS to IAD. jetBlue began flying this route when it received the first of their Embraer ERJ-190s. The 190 has been rather buggy in its first years of service with airlines. This has led to many flights being delayed and has reduced dispatch reliability. jetBlue contracted four ERJ-145s from ExpressJet to maintain capacity as the 190s are taken out of service for the software upgrade.

Whatever problems jetBlue has encountered with the 190, I, as a passenger love the experience. The windows are massive, giving a great view of the Boston skyline on climb out and if you happen to be sitting on the left side of the airplane, an excellent view of Manhattan and the five boroughs. The approach to Dulles on a clear day provides beautiful views of the Blue Ridge mountains. If you're really lucky you'll be able to catch a glimpse of downtown DC about 30 miles away from Dulles.


All E190 flights over North America.

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