March 21, 2007

Aviation As Ambassador

The birth of any blog reminds me of an eternal question, "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" The answer, especially when you're a blogger, is yes. It's almost like talking to yourself.

Now that I have my undivided attention, it brings me to the theme of this blog. Aviation. I'm pretty sure I've loved flying since I was born. I can't quite remember the first time I fell in love with flying, it was always a passion of mine. If it laughs in the face of gravity I love it.

Aviation has had a transformative effect on society over the last 103 and a half years. Flight, has had an enormous impact on how peoples communicate with one another. Aviation in the 21st century had fomented the creation of complex networks, linking people in distant points who would otherwise be separated. For example, the impact of the 747 on global public diplomacy from Air Force One to its flagship status for the airlines of many nations has brought a nation's ideas and values to the rest of the world. New aircraft are connecting the world in ways never thought possible.

Andreas Lowenfeld commented in a 1975 issue of Foreign Affairs in an article titled A New Takeoff for International Air Transport captured the role of global aviation precisely:

"International aviation is thus not just another problem in a changing economic system, though it is that; international civil aviation is a serious problem in international relations, affecting the way governments view one another, the way individual citizens view their own foreign countries, and in a variety of direct and indirect connections and the security arrangements by which we live.” – Andreas Lowenfeld
This blog will explore all that global aviation has to offer and its impact whether technologically, politically, scientifically, economically, militarily or even artistically. To all those who aren't paying attention to this blog yet, I say welcome. Stay tuned.

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